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What Are We Doing? sleeve


This a video CD of live performances

Fellatio On Toast (Scruff Shacks 10/3/04)

Crying To Strangers (Letheringsett King's Head 8/2/04)

Fragments (King Edward VII 16/10/03)

Together A Pair (The Ferryboat 22/4/03)

Instrumental (Aylsham Youth Club 4/5/03)

Relief (Feathers 30/6/03)

Father Tongue (The Ferryboat 17/1/04)

Escaping Through The Gaps In Your Fingers (King Edward VII 16/10/03)

Intro (Letheringsett King's Head 8/2/04)

Minutes To Spare (Scruff Shacks 10/3/04)

Paper Plates & Cigarettes (Feathers 30/6/03)

Slipping (The Ferryboat 17/1/04)

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